About us


Welcome to ALLasleep! Here we sell a travel accessory to sleep on the plane, the train, the car, the bus, etc. I invented the ALLasleep for travellers like us who want to discover the world (or just go to an all inclusive resort!).

Our story

In 2016, I booked a flight to Hawaii with a friend. It was my first flight without my mother... and although i loved my trip, the flights were difficult. I had never realized how much I was relying on my mom's shoulder to sleep!

When I returned, I searched in vain for a product that would stop my head from bobbing around while I slept. Despite the fact that I had no sewing knowledge, I started developing a prototype with my sister Laurence and my mother Lise that would meet my needs. I wanted to incorporate all the components and features that were important to me:

Could be used in all modes of transport

Something that everyone could adjust to their liking

That it uses minimal space in a carry-on

The ALLasleep is now patented after more than 80 prototypes with the help of some extraordinary seamstresses.

If you are looking for us, you will find us Monday to Thursday working on orders, developing new products, eating chips and listening to music.

    Our mission

    ALLasleep's mission is to encourage people to see what's happening elsewhere in the world. We want people to learn from each other. The ALLasleep has been designed for travellers looking for adventure and for anyone who wants to discover the world. It has been designed for open minded people like us for whom travel is an inspiration. As my mother says "There are good people all around the globe!"


    All the logistics behind the manufacturing and shipping of orders is done in Gatineau, Quebec Canada