Useful Information

Is the ALLasleep easy to carry?

Yes, the ALLasleep is compact and weighs only 82 grams.

Is the ALLasleep washable?

Yes, you can wash your ALLasleep in cold water and dry it flat.

I placed and order, but I did not receive a confirmation email

From time to time our emails are sent to the junk mail. You can add us to your contacts list to ensure that our emails are sent to your inbox in the future.

Can I change my order?

We can change an order as long as it has not been shipped.

Is the ALLasleep safe in the event of a car or bus collision?

The ALLasleep has not been created to protect the user in the event of an accident. It aims to improve the comfort for sleeping in a sitting position. It is not a safety device or restraint in case of impact.

Where is your company located?

 We are a Canadian company, all our orders are fabricated and mailed from the National Capital Region.