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The ALLasleep allows you to sleep seated for long trips to and from home.

Fabricated with quality fabrics, ALLasleep's patented design allows you to sleep seated while you travel.

ALLasleep has two parts- the pouch that attaches directly to the headrest of your seat and the eye mask that hugs your face to block out the light. The two clip together to prevent your head from moving side to side. It is adjustable and can be used on a plane, car and train seats. Adjust it to your liking during your travels.

ALLasleep can be installed on headrests up to 50 inches (127 cm). Please note the majority of seats in planes, cars and trains are usually smaller than 50 inches. If you would like to use ALLasleep on your recliner at home, you will need the Extension

ALLasleep features woman car EN

    What is included: eye mask/ Headrest pouch

    Made in Gatineau, Québec, Canada